Heating & Central Air Conditioning Services for Fairfield County

"Success in this industry is based on creative problem solving and the diversity that our people and their talents bring to the marketplace."

All HVAC equipment requires service, just like your car. For the best comfort in your home, you need to trust the experts to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. That is exactly what New England Air Systems LLC is here to do.

Our technicians are licensed, insured, and professionally trained. We’ll make sure that you and your system get the personalized service you deserve. Best of all, we do it all. There’s no reason to call any other HVAC company.

Local Heating Repair Danbury, CT

Heating Repair & Service

In addition to providing heating repair, heating service, and replacement of equipment, we also provide yearly service and maintenance for heating systems. We recommend that you call us out in the fall to service your oil or gas system before it gets really cold. That way, your system will be ready to go for the coming winter.

Heat Pumps

Because your heat pump runs 365 days a year (more or less), we recommend getting the system serviced twice per year. We’ll come out in the fall to service the heating portion of the system, and we’ll be back in the spring to service the AC portion. We’re also available for repairs and new installations all year round.

Hot Water Heaters

Nobody likes taking cold showers! Make sure you call us out regularly to service your hot water heater, unless you want this to be your fate.


We offer comprehensive service for both parts of your AC system: the condenser outside and the air handler/AC coil inside. We can come out in the spring, before the first of the heat waves, to make sure your home is nice and cool no matter what the weather brings.


If you have a humidifier, we recommend having it serviced in the fall, when your heater is serviced. We also recommend that you check if your humidifier has a water panel. If this isn’t changed yearly, it can harbor stagnant water and lead to mold and bacteria growth. We’ll come out to service your humidifier before you use it in the fall OR “put it to sleep” in the spring to foster clean operation.

If we can help you with central air conditioning or heating repair service, or preventative maintenance, get in touch with us today. You’ve tried the rest, now get service from the best. Call NEAS at 203-798-9375 today to get started. We proudly serve the Danbury, CT area.
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