New Innovations

New Innovations

There is always new, more efficient technology to take advantage of for your home or business. We can’t possibly go over all of them on this page. But we can make a few recommendations and introduce you to a few of the coolest innovations available. Keep reading to learn more!

SunSource Home Energy System from Lennox

Heat and cool your home with the power of the sun! This revolutionary system will convert free solar energy into electricity that can be used to heat and cool your home. It’s a great way to save money while cutting down on your use of environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

Fujitsu Heat Pump Mini Split System

If you don’t have ductwork in your home, you don’t have to go without air conditioning. This mini split system can provide cool air to your home in way that’s typically more efficient than a traditional air conditioning unit. Saving money and energy makes it even easier to keep your cool.

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