Got Allergies?

Got Allergies?

If you have allergies, the air you breathe at home could be dangerous to you. Most heating and cooling systems recycle mold, virus, bacteria, and dust mite fecal matter through the air. The problem can ironically be worse than it is outside, because outside, the sun’s ultraviolet light can eliminate many of these biological contaminants. Inside, you have no such protection – until now.

New England Air Systems LLC is here to help! We install, service, and repair air filtration systems that use UV light, like the APCO UV Purifying System. With our help, you’ll soon be breathing easily once again.  Watch and see what this system can do for you.

The APCO UV Purifying System

We recommend the APCO UV Purifying System because it’s been tested and approved by most major hospitals.  It can destroy everything from mold and dust mites to airborne viruses like the swine flu virus. There are residential and commercial units available, and it can drastically reduce your respiratory symptoms.
To learn more, visit APCO's website.

Let us help you to breathe easily again!
Give us a call at 203-798-9375 to learn more about our UV air purifying systems.

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